Exercises to help a baby crawl



When your baby is creeping, you’re a lot of excited than them! creeping could be a vital organic process milestone because it is Associate in Nursing early step towards baby quality. Babies use creeping as means that to explore and perceive the planet around them.
Each activity stimulates a particular pre-crawling stage therefore encouraging the baby to crawl:

1. What’s that?
Age to play: 2 months

Stimulates: Pre-crawling stage one – holding head

How to:

Put the baby on his tummy and sit before of him along with his favorite toy or rattle.
Shake the rattle gently to induce the baby’s attention. The baby invariably raises his head to require a decent cross-check the article.
Move the rattle around in a very horizontal plane. At 2 months, infants will follow the trail of a moving object of interest among their field of vision (4).
Watching the rattle move around helps strengthen the baby’s neck muscles.

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