My Baby Isn’t Rolling Over Yet!



Being a late walker is often a cause for concern for new parents, they believe that their child is not developing as proper as they should, this is mostly due to the things they read on books (which are all relative, by the way) or things they hear from other parents, for example how at nine months old another baby began to walk, or they know about another baby that started at 18 months while theirs at 12 months isn’t walking still. The truth of the matter is, that a baby will walk as soon as he or she is developmentally ready to do and not a moment before. Sure, there are some exercises that doctors recommend to encourage the baby to stand, walk, and roll and others.


It is important to remember that is doesn’t matter the age in which a healthy child starts to walk because it has no connection nor any influence on his or her intelligence. Just remember to be patient and don’t mind attention to what other people says when they are comparing your child to others. A good exercise to try at home is to hold your baby’s hand and help him walk around.


You will notice your child is already for walking when you start seeing him holding onto furniture or your hand to help himself pull up and stay in a standing position for a while, this is a task that would take between days or months for your child to master, but once it does, it won’t stop. Your baby would then start to take little steps forward while still holding on to the furniture or your hand, this again will take your child several attempts to mastering it completely, and once it does, your baby will begin to take steps letting go of anything they are holding.

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Something to bear in mind is that once he starts to let go and walk on his own his entire perspective will change, he is going to be so proud of his achievement that nothing will stop him from walking, not even the many, many falls he will incur in.


Everything is going to be different for the baby, as they are accustomed to seeing the World from a more “grounded” perspective including themselves.


Prior to your baby learning how to fully stand and then walk, there a few other “advancements” to look out for, remember, not all babies are the same, some things will take them longer to do than others, but as a general rule of thumb these are the things to expect between your baby’s four and ninth month before it can start to walk.


During these months your baby is still learning how to adapt to this new world, how to reach out and deal with the World that surrounds them. They are just starting to learn how to manipulate their most important tools, their hands. It is during these months that your baby will learn one of the most important “skill” to help them walk, Rolling, they’ll start by rolling back to front and then front to back, they will also have a better control of their head and will be able to sit up with a little help.

As they reach the nine-month mark, your baby is now fully aware that he can get where ever he wants by rolling over and as this happens you need to make sure you have baby proofed everything, and of course, you have to be more vigilant of his every move, because with all the rolling they’ll be doing, they’ll eventually start to crawl which will lead to them walking on their own.

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