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Sleeping is an essential part of your baby’s well-being just as much as it is for you. The question parents always ask their baby’s pediatrician is just how much sleep the baby should be getting, and the answer is a little bit more complicated, because not every baby is the same, and much like adults, they have different requirements. The one thing babies and pretty much every human being in the World have in common, is that without enough sleep it takes a toll on the mood and awareness.

Another cause for concern for parents is what sleeping positions are safe and which ones are not, what the temperature of the room should be, and what you should put on your baby clothing wise for a good night’s sleep. What you will find in this article will help you get some reassurance and guidelines. You will find some of the most practical routines you can do to help your baby sleep safely through the night, you will also get tips on how to encourage your baby to sleep on their own cradles, and some strategies you can do as a parent surviving with little sleep.

So, let dive into those burning questions every parent, and especially new ones have concerning their baby’s sleep.


  1. How much does a baby should sleep in 24 hours?

Well, as mentioned at the beginning there isn’t a standardized rule that determines an exact amount of time your baby requires to sleep, sometimes they require a lot, and some others little than you would expect. A baby under six months old will normally sleep between 13 and 15 hours every 24, distributed between 3 and 4 sleeping periods. This is better simplified this way, a baby would have at least 2 sleep cycles during the day, and 1 or 2 sleep cycles during the nighttime. After their third month of life, all babies would normally sleep quietly through the night.

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