Why Isn’t Baby Sitting Up or Crawling Yet



If there is something that is more determined in a baby’s life besides mumbling their first words, is taking their first crawls towards freedom. As a parent, we like to watch in delight as they make their attempts at being mobile.


There is no exact time in which babies start to crawl, while some start between five and six months old, others (the normal standard) between six and ten months, and don’t worry if even then, you don’t see your baby crawling, because most of them don’t do it anyway, they just go from sitting up to standing up, to walking.


As parents, we have to remember that babies will develop at their own rhythm, this is important, so we don’t worry when we don’t see them doing the same things as other babies, they will do them when they are ready not a moment sooner.


However, if by the time your baby reaches the ten-month mark and it doesn’t show any signs of wanting to crawl, sit, stand or walk, you may want to consider contacting your pediatrician and asking about your baby motor skills.


There is one wrong technique parents use to “help” their babies crawl, which is putting toys right in front of them so they’ll be encouraged to move and reach out to them, but this is actually bad for them, is only going to frustrate them if they fail to move, and would only start crying. You really don’t need to be forcing your babies to do this, you need to realize that all healthy babies have a natural desire to be able to reach new places, to move around, to grab things that are away from them, explore the World around them, and as soon as they feel both physically and mentally ready to do so, they will start rolling, crawling, or walking.

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You are going to notice your baby’s first moves when they start showing you their belly crawl all across the floor. They are going to start crawling either forwards or backward, is going to alternate between their arms to propel themselves on the floor all the while maintaining their bellies flat on the floor. Once they have mastered the crawling, they’ll get bored of it and will then begin to get on all fours, they will stumble a lot as they slowly begin to conquer this skill, and before you even notice, and they will become professional crawlers that will require your full attention and baby proofing your entire home, just to be careful.


As your baby begins to stand up, you need to start paying close attention to his surroundings, because eventually, it will move on from sitting and standing to crawl and walking, and you may have potentially dangerous objects close by that need to go, and your home needs to be 100% baby proof, it is always better to be safe than sorry, as much as this can be a daunting and time-consuming task, it has to be done nonetheless.


You need to take your plants, small toys and any other item that could be within reach of your baby, and place it out of the baby’s eyesight, not only to prevent them from grabbing them but also to deter their natural curiosity to reach said place and hurt themselves some other way. Once you do that, under careful surveillance let the baby crawl their way into the World, let her grab the curtains, a table leg, or even reach for toys, because this is how they learn about their surroundings.

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