Why Massage Benefits For Babies and Parents



Giving your baby massage is an incredibly beneficial action not just for the baby, but also for the parents, and it is never too late to start giving them messages, regardless if it is newborn or several months old, a good and proper massage can give them an everlasting healthy benefit. First-time parents would normally start preparing for these massages in advance by taking courses before the due date, so they will be ready when the times comes and knowing exactly how to do them in the proper way.

Contrary to popular belief, learning how to massage your baby is a rather simple thing learn and to do. It can be done with minimum to none necessary equipment, you don’t need to pay for anything, the only thing you will be investing, is time. Both the short term and long term benefits for the baby are awesome, and for the parents as well.

Let’s talk about the benefits for the babies first:


  1. Massaging your baby will help you create an amazing space for them for communicating your mutual love, compassion, and respect.


  1. Helps to maintain a general well-being of your baby.


  1. In the long term, these massaging sessions will create an environment that will give them the confidence to confide in you.


  1. It will help your baby improved their gastrointestinal tract.


  1. It can also help your baby to learn how to self-regulate calm, thus, reducing the amount of crying involved.


  1. A proper massage can also help with Baby’s muscle tone, by normalizing them.
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  1. it’s good for the baby’s blood regulation.


  1. Improves the immune system.


  1. Enhances mid-line orientation.


  1. It helps your baby by improving their sensory and body awareness.


  1. It improves your baby’s sleep cycle.


  1. Improves your Baby’s proper neurological development.


  1. It enhances your baby’s respiratory system, as well as the flow of nutrients and oxygen to cells.


  1. Massaging also helps your baby with proper pain management and relieving discomfort from such things as teething.


  1. It can also help them overcome situations like congestion, gas, colic.


  1. It helps the baby’s hormones to reach the whole body, as well as stimulating hormone growth, thus, also helping with weight gain.


  1. Massaging also help babies reduce the levels of cortisone, which is known as the stress hormone.


  1. The bond created during these messaging sessions comes with all the indicators necessary for a healthy parent-infant attachment. Eye-to-Eye, touch, voice, smell, thermal regulation, and movement.


  1. It helps to properly stimulate all the physiological systems. A massage would actually help to spark up the brain’s neurons so they’ll grow and branch out and connect with other neurons.


It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Just how something as simple as a massage can do all these amazing things to our babies, is absolutely incredible and those are the reasons why doctors are constantly encouraging parents to massage their children if you are not doing it right now, then, you should start now.


But, that isn’t all, massaging your baby will also bring you as a parent some amazing and incredible benefits as well like:

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  1. Encouraging pre-verbal communication with your newborn.


  1. It helps you as a parent to feel more comfortable handling your baby.


  1. Massaging your baby will also help you ease some of the stress you may have, from the day-to-day activities.


  1. It provides a window of time just between you and your baby.


  1. It improves your self-esteem as a parent.


  1. This bond also creates the opportunity for you, as a parent to understand in depth your baby, their patterns of behavior.


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