Why you shouldn’t compare your children to their siblings



I just want to talk to parents about milestones and this was something a topic that was asked of me to talk about from a friend of mine and who also has a child around, the same age as my own son he’s gonna be too soon so the thing about milestones that I just want to talk to parents about is please don’t compare your child to other children and guess what I’m guilty of that myself okay it’s really hard not to especially when you go to these play groups and you’ve got nieces and nephews or you’ve got other people in your life to have kids around the same ages for kid don’t compare them you know why every child is so different okay.

one child might walk sooner than another but then that same child that walked sooner might not talk till later and just because children are hitting their milestones at this young age doesn’t mean it’s a casting stone for the rest of their life; every child is so different I don’t want parents to get anxious about you know their children’s milestones yes be aware of what the milestones are for your child at each stage of development that is important yes talk openly about your child’s development tier you know care professional but if your child is hitting their milestones just at the tail end of what that normal spectrum is don’t worry about it just relax just enjoy them the way that they are right now you know why in 20 years from now do you want to be looking back at this time and think oh man! I was spending all my time being worried about my child not walking and talking on time and here he is living across the country or do you want to look back and remember all the fun that you had with your children and all the love that you had with your children and all the cuddles that you had with your child and just thinking that they were the most amazing smart awesome little human beings.

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that’s all I want to say when I talk about milestones because it’s something that has bug to me as well as a mom and a new mom you know and I think it’s bugged me even more because I am a child care professional so I know just I think a little too much about those milestones and when the children should be hitting those milestones and I have unrealistic expectations that I know that I’m not perfect either that’s okay that’s the message that I want to send out to you parents so if you do have any concerns about your your child’s development again just talk to your care professionals they know what they’re talking about but if your care professional is telling you yeah yeah that’s okay and your supporter child’s development consultant you know in the neighborhood are telling you don’t no it’s okay just enjoy your child, the last thing that I just want to leave with you that I always want to leave with you it’s just for a reminder for you to love your kids love each other and love yourselves.

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